Who can help?

Mandi! She is the Healthy Hospitality Community Navigator. Mandi worked in hospitality for most of her life, a lot of that time spent not knowing that she had access to health care. After learning about 504HealthNet and the Healthy Hospitality initiative, she joined the 504HealthNet team to help the community that she loves so much.

What does a navigator do? Mandi can explain the health care system to you, connect you with health insurance experts, and even schedule your first appointment for you. We understand the hours that you work might make it harder to call a health center at regular hours, so she can do that for you! Call her at 504-507-9112!

Need in-person assistance? Call Mandi! Her number is (504) 507-9112. She will help you out!

If this is an emergency, please call 911.