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What if I need care beyond my clinic?

Sometimes the clinic can’t provide all the services you need in-house. In that case, the clinic will be sure to refer you to a hospital that will work with you. They will be sure to refer you somewhere that can provide financial aid if you are uninsured.

What if I don’t have insurance?

All of the clinics that 504HealthNet works with have a sliding scale options for payment based on income and ability to pay, so you can get quality health care while you’re uninsured. You can get primary care, dental, vision, behavioral health services and so much more at these clinics… no need to wait for urgent … Continued

What is a sliding scale?

All of the clinics that 504HealthNet works with offer a sliding scale free for people who don’t have insurance. The amount you pay will depend on your income and household size. All of the clinics also offer payment plans.

How much will it cost?

What you pay may depend on what you make, for instance, a wellness check might cost between $0 and $130‐ your clinic can help you figure out how much it will cost.

Can I pay later?

Absolutely! All clinics have payment plans available. Just be sure to ask. Your clinic will work with you to make sure you get quality health care no matter what.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is an insurance program for anyone who makes under 138% of the poverty level. Medicaid is free (there is no monthly premium) and Medicaid covers the cost of almost all medical service you might need. See the chart below to figure out if you are eligible for Medicaid. This can be confusing – call … Continued

How can I sign up for Medicaid?

All of the clinics that 504HealthNet works with can help you to find out if you are eligible for Medicaid. They can also help you sign up at the clinic. You can also sign up online: Sign up or get more info from the Louisiana Department of Health.

What is Medicare?

Sometimes confused with Medicaid, Medicare is for people over 65, or people with disabilities. It is possible to have both Medicaid and Medicare‐ talk to your local clinic to determine if you qualify.

What if I don’t have insurance?

You do not need to have insurance to get health care. All the clinics that 504HealthNet works with have flexible options for anyone seeking care. There have sliding scales which means how much you pay is based on how much you make. If you can’t afford to pay the bill at one time, payment plans … Continued

What services do these clinics provide?

*All of these clinics provide primary care, but not all clinics provide the other services, see map for details.* Primary Care (your regular doctor) Vision Dental Behavioral (therapists or counselors) Women’s wellness They also coordinate referrals for you if you need specialty care at a hospital (x‐rays, additional testing, physical therapy, etc.) These clinics work … Continued

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